Platinum package

At McLeod’s Painting we are proud to offer our Platinum package. This is the ultimate internal repaint experience.

This package requires you stay somewhere else for the duration or even better, take the family on a well deserved holiday while we take care of repainting your house.

Once you’re out we will have our professional removalist remove all your belongings to either a shipping container we have placed on site or to a storage facility. Once your prized possessions have been secured, we will go in and mask up all floors and windows and commence with a premium paint job.

When painting is complete we will have a professional cleaner come in and clean your home. If you have carpets we will get a carpet cleaner to do the same.

The removalist will place all your belongings back in your house, upon which you can then move back into your premium-painted and professionally cleaned home.

...the professionals setting the standard